The Collegiate Partnership, Doctors Clifford,  Dawson, Guy, Shahbaz and Whiting

Welcome to the practice and the services that we offer.

We are a large General Practice offering routine and extended medical services and medical training in North Manchester.  You can download a copy of our  practice leaflet, with most of the information in the same place.

At our last CQC inspection in 2019 we were rated GOOD

To register please contact reception on 0161 205 4364, or visit us at 407 Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham, Manchester, M8 0DA.

The practice policy is to accept any eligible person and not to discriminate against anyone, regardless of any pre-existing health conditions, required treatment, age, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity

If you have any comments or concerns don't hesitate to contact us by post, directing your letter to Karen Fleming, the Practice Manager.

Fair processing of information, our commitment to your information.

Under some circumstances your information will be electronically shared within the NHS.
This can include, when we refer you for NHS services, for example a hospital appointment.
We will also share information into the Manchester Care Record for the purposes of supporting direct health and social care.  This will be coded information only, so will include diseases, allergies, investigation results and medication.
The GP record will be made available via the Manchester Care Record (MCR) to members of Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams for patients who have an Integrated Care Plan or End of Life Care Plan.
GP information will be extracted to support Risk Stratification in accordance with Section 251 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012
We also allow the use of anonymised information by analytical staff to support commissioning and health intelligence
We may also allow NHS workers to access our clinical records system (EMIS) directly (examples may include district nurses and members of the medicines management team). 
The  practice considers your data important and only shares it in the interests of your care.  If you would like to opt out of part or all of this arrangement please either write to the practice manager or let reception know and we will code your records so that they are not available and confirm it in writing to you.

This information is more fully referenced in our Privacy Notice

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The Collegiate Medical Centre mission statement - "We aim to provide the highest standard of care from both our clinical and non-clinical staff and to provide the best, flexible service for all our patient and their families - caring for the patient by understanding the person"


We would like to start a new group at the practice called a 'Patient Participation Group'

The aim of the group is to give patients, clinician's and staff a chance to share positive, realistic ideas for improvement's at the practice.

It could lead to involvement such as

  • Promoting health in adults
  • Promoting health in children
  • Seasonal health such as the Flu campaign
  • Liaising with citizens advise
  • Being a contact for Patient suggestions

The list is not exhaustive and is still open to development.

From the volunteers, a representative number of patients will be chosen to join the group and will meet 2 or 3 times a year.

This group is not a forum for complaints. Members will have to take a balanced view of needs and it does not give any preferential entitlement at the practice.