Patient Reference Group

Patients have a key role to play as partners in both supporting the development of general practice and in ensuring the sustainability of the NHS as a whole. A way of achieving this is includes strengthening patients' input into the organisation and delivery of their general practice services through the developement of Patient Reference Groups.
Our Patient Reference Group encourages patients to give their views about how the practice is doing. We would like to be able to ask the opinions of as many patients as possible. If you are interested in joining our Patient Reference Group, you can let your surgery know via telephone or at reception.

The report for 2013/2014 is also available showing what we do well, what we will change and why is attached below with the associated presentation.

Also attached our progress report.

The PRG report for 2014/2015 shows the three priority areas which were agreed by the Patient Reference Group and the subsequent actions that were taken by the practice to make improvements to these priority areas.